Facts about Jump Starters in Automotive

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If certain steps are adhered to, it will be a guarantee on keeping the jump starter in a good working condition and serve its purpose for a long time. In keeping with these steps will ensure the lifespan of the jump starter to be enhanced to between 2-3 times longer than if not followed.

It is important to sustain the jump starter charged while avoid exposing the unit to a high discharge state in time length. Jump starter batteries lack memory components and cannot be destroyed through frequent charges, even on slight exposure. The best way to maintain a jump starter is to charge it after every use. It is advisable to let the jump starter be left on a charge overnight especially if the jump starter is heavily used on a daily occurrence. In the instances where the jump starter is not regularly used, an interval of 3 months can be maintained in charging the battery. For more info, please visit Mechanic Base.

It is important to adhere to the cycle of the jump starter. Every jump starter has an entitlement to duty cycle where the vehicle can have a crank done on it as long as it had a period of rest (that is the jump starter). The recommended duty cycle for most jump starters is 6 seconds, of cranking, followed by a rest of about 3 minutes. This will aid in preventing a case of overheating within the battery of the jump starter. If it overheats it could damage the internal construction and thereby shorten the lifespan of the battery.

When one has succeeded in having a complete jump start, it is advisable to disconnect the jump starter from the vehicle which at the moment has been revived and is running on its engine. It is important to follow the required safety procedure when disconnecting and avoid any improper disconnection sequence. On normal cases, the car alternator output is often higher than the recommended charge rate on a jump starter battery. One should not overcharge the battery and should charge only as per the recommended rate since an overcharge will be detrimental to its lifespan. Technicians have the habit of leaving the jump starter on the battery for the reason of fastening to get the unit recharged, but should be discouraged. We have relied upon the battery a lot but one should also look into the service life of the terminals that the jump starter gets into contact with. Visit Mechanic Base for more.

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